Professional Rigging Solutions for your Yacht

Bringing you 30 years of rigging experience

The Team at Ruel Rigging bring to you almost 30 years of specialist rigging experience. We offer a variety of services from standing and running rigging replacements to enhance your yacht’s performance. We take pride in offering thorough and professional workmanship in delivering expert technical solutions for all your rigging needs.

Ruel Rigging - A Brand you can Trust

We have carried out hundreds of full rig restoration projects over the years to the highest standards on all kinds of racers, cruisers and multi-hulls, and on projects as far reaching as special splicing for square riggers and proas.

We work with a diverse range of materials and leading brand manufacturers (using Rope, Dyneema, Wire and Rod rigging) to ensure only the most suitable equipment and materials are selected to equip your yacht. By sharing our combined knowledge we provide our customers with up to the minute solutions based on current rigging trends.

Your Rigging is Our Priority

When you entrust your yacht with Ruel Rigging every single item of your rig will be evaluated, serviced, replaced, repaired, or rebuilt. Each task is carried out paying special attention to every detail. Our Team strives to perform every task with exceptional skill to give you renewed confidence in your rig. This is inherent in all aspects of our work as is attested by our customers.

Personalised Customer Consultations

At Ruel Rigging we take what we do very seriously while addressing your needs. To ensure we are preparing your vessel for its intended purpose we will discuss each job in person with you. This provides certainty for everyone that each item is addressed before we start work on your rig, and this also keeps you in the picture from beginning to end.

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