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RUEL Rigging offer a variety of services from standing and running rigging replacements on yachts to traditional rope work and all types of splicing. The Team at Ruel pride themselves on offering thorough workmanship and can offer professional advice and solutions for all your rigging needs to enhance your yacht’s performance.


Rig Checks are essential in maintaining healthy performance from your rig. Rig checks are comprehensive assessments which include a visual inspection of all you rigging and are accompanied by a full maintenance report with supporting photos and recommendations.

Rig Checks can be conducted as part of a pre-purchase survey or to satisfy your insurance company.

Some rigging components will take on more strain than others during their working life. For example, your chainplates may not have been checked since the boat was launched and failure could be catastrophic. Furling systems are another common part of your yachts’ rigging that need to operate smoothly. It is often very difficult to notice signs of stress but with a trained eye we can spot this and avert a potential mishap.

Ruel Rigging recommends that you have a full rig check completed every year and depending on the intended use of your yacht.


The Ruel Rigging Team are known for their thoroughness and know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A full re-rig will leave nothing untouched so you can expect it to be completed to the highest of standards.

We will invite you to inspect your mast when it is down, and together discussing the project before selecting the best option for your re-build. Each task is carried out paying special attention to detail and in consultation with our customers.


The running rigging on your yacht comprises any ropes that facilitate with easy operation of the boat. This includes all sheets, lines and halyards ranging from polyester through to quality Dyneema.

As with standing rigging, the specific requirements will differ for every client depending on your yacht type and the nature of your every-day sailing habits.

The experienced team at Ruel Rigging will provide you with the best options with the correct in specifications to match your intended purpose and can also provide you with all kinds of splicing options.


We fit and service all kinds of furling systems including In mast, In Boom, and Headsail furlers, and can install single line reefing systems.


Ask us about:

Splicing & Ropework
Rig Tunes (pre-race/ocean passage/annual service..)

Winch Servicing

Furler Servicing

Self-Tacking systems – installation/servicing/repairs)

We provide solutions for all your rigging needs. Drop us an email or call in for a chat about your rigging needs today.

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