Products and Services

Ruel rigging offer a variety of traditional and modern rigging services, from standing and running rigging on yachts to traditional rope work and all types of splicing.

Rig Checks and Inspections


How is your masthead? When Mario gets his experienced eyes on your rig you can begin to discover what you are working with. When a rig check or inspection is carried out on your yacht, Mario will assess all of your standing and running rigging, providing you with a comprehensive report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your rig. Mario can also capture masthead digital images to add to your report, to not only describe the state of your current rigging, but to show you as well. We also offer rig check services which are required for insurance purposes. If you need work other than rigging it is available at the same marina, so you can get ready for a cruise all in one stop.

Full Re-Rigs


Mario is well known for his thoroughness and knows a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; so at Ruel Rigging a ’full re-rig’ will leave nothing untouched. Tang bolts, tangs, swages, wire, rigging screws, clevis pins, shackles, etc. You will know the state and reliability of every link of every component in your rig. The electrics will also be assessed by professionals, as well as spreader leathers, mast boot, wind indicator, wind instrument, radar reflector etc.


Rigging Accessories by Yacht Name or Yacht Design


We keep information on each piece of rigging your yacht carries - should you give us a call for a jib halyard for a Hanse 495 for example, we will deliver! We also keep detailed Files on all of the boats we service, so even if you have recently acquired a new boat in Pittwater, we have all the records of the previous work carried out by us available.

Running Rigging & Accessories


We design, build and fit running rigging and accessories in kit forms such as;


  • Spin gear kits

  • Main sail gear kits

  • Self tacking jib kits

  • Boom brake kits

  • ...and many more


We can also organise other accessories and trimmings for your boat such as boom bags, dodgers, bimini's, awnings, hatch covers and interior upholsry.

Logs and Reminders


We service & maintain your rig and keep a detailed log of all the work and servicing carried out on your yacht over the years, which can be emailed to you to use when selling your yacht. A yearly reminder can also be emailed to you when your rig is due for a check, or even when your winches or windlass are due for their next service.



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